Air U Greenville FAQs

  • How much does it cost to jump at Air U?

    Ages 5 and Up
    $12 - 1 Hour
    $8 - Each Additional Hour
    - or - $10 - 1/2 Hour
    $5 - Each Additional Half Hour

    Ages 4 and Under + Parent
    Parent and Child can both jump for the price of one.

    All jumpers must be at least 2 years old. During "toddler times", all jumpers must be between 2 years and 5 years old.

    Non-slip, trampoline socks are required. You can bring your own non-slip, trampoline socks or purchase a new pair for $3.



  • What are Air U Hours of Operation?



    2016-03-11- Regular (non-Summer) Hours
    (see below for special dates)

    Monday: 4:00pm - 8:00pm
    Tuesday: 4:00pm - 8:00pm
    College students can jump for 2 hours for $10 with college ID!
    Wednesday: 4:00pm - 8:00pm
    Toddler Time is from 10am-12pm on Wednesday's! Ages 2-5 and parents!
    Thursday: 4:00pm - 8:00pm
    Friday: 4:00pm - 9:00pm
    Saturday: 10:00am - 9:00pm
    Sunday: 1:00pm - 7:00pm
    We highly recommend that you make a reservation if you plan on visiting our facility on the weekends. You can make a reservation on our website or give us a call at (252)689-6401!

    2018-11-23-2018-11-23 Black Friday, November 23, 2018 (2018-11-23)

    Friday (11/23) : 10:00am - 9:00pm
    Wear your AirU T-Shirt and jump for 2 hours for only $10!!

    Special Date(s):

    Thanksgiving Day (November 22, 2018)
    We will be closed on Thanksgiving Day

    Christmas Eve (December 24, 2018)
    Closed on Christmas Eve, so we can bake Santa cookies!

    Christmas Day (December 25, 2018)
    Closed on Christmas. God bless you on this holy day!

  • Can we just show up and jump?

    Yes, walk-ins are welcome.  The facility has a maximum number of jumpers that can be allowed to jump at one time, but if there are openings, you can just walk in.  Jump times start at the top and bottom of each hour, so please plan to arrive 10-15 minutes before then.

  • Can anyone jump?

    AirU encourages anyone with physical ailments and conditions, including but not limited to, heart conditions, pregnancy, joint conditions, clinical obesity, and back problems, to refrain from jumping at AirU.  You are welcome to come in and enjoy the observation deck and/or party rooms for no charge when accompanying a valid jumper, party or group. Children must be able to walk on their own and any child 4 or younger must be accompanied by an adult. (We offer two-for-one pricing for the adult and child 4 or younger.)

    Air U Greenville requires all jumpers be at least 2 years old.  During "toddler time", all jumpers must be between 2 years and 5 years old.

  • Who has to sign a waiver?

    All jumpers are required to complete and sign an Air U waiver before entering the Air U flight deck. Jumpers under the age of 18 must have their waiver signed by their parent or legal guardian.

    >> Complete or Download the Air U Waiver Now

  • How much is a Birthday Party?

    Air U Flyer Lounge Package

    Prices starting at: $59
    Jumpers included: up to 0

    This package also includes:

    Want to book one of our party terminals, but pay for individual flight tickets at the door?  This is the package for you!

    The Air U Flyer Lounge Package includes:

    • A Designated "U" Party Area
    • Private Party Flight Attendant
    • Parties are 2 hours long (starting on October 10, 2018)
      • One hour of flight time with access to the entire park
      • Followed by one hour in the party terminal
    • You may arrive 15 minutes before your party time to set up the party terminal
    • Awesome Air U glossy invitations
    • Bring your own cake, refreshments, decorations and serving items
    • Setup assistance and cleanup

    This package does NOT include any jump tickets, trampoline socks or complimentary t-shirt.  Each flight ticket will cost $12. Non-slip, trampoline socks are required for all jumpers and may be purchased separately for $3/pair if not already owned.

    * Each party guest wanting to jump will be required to have a signed waiver and pay the applicable rate for their wristband.  You may pickup invitations/waivers from the Air U front desk after your reservation is confirmed.

    Air U Super Party Package

    Prices starting at: $179
    Jumpers included: up to 12

    This package also includes:

    This package also includes:

    • 12 pairs of Air U trampoline socks
    • A Designated "U" Party Area with seating for up to 24 guests
    • Private Party Flight Attendant
    • Parties are 2 hours long (starting on October 10, 2018)
      • One hour of flight time with access to the entire park
      • Followed by one hour in the party terminal
    • You may arrive 15 minutes before your party time to set up the party terminal
    • Air U T-Shirt for the Flyer of Honor
    • Awesome Air U glossy invitations
    • Bring your own cake, refreshments, decorations and serving items
    • Setup assistance and cleanup
    • Up to 12 more jump passes may be purchased

    Need more jumpers?  No problem, just add $12 for each additional jumper.  Non-slip trampoline, socks are required for all additional jumpers. They cost $3/pair if you do not already have them.

    *All jumpers will need a waiver to join in on the fun.  Be sure to pick up your invitations / waivers from the Air U front desk after making your reservation.

  • Are birthday party reservations refundable?

    Birthday party resrervations are non-refundable.  When you book a birthday party at Air U, you are reserving a party room and time slot that become unavailable for anyone else to book.  Air U also schedules its staff according to the parties that are booked.  In order to provide the best service possible to our customers, we do not typically offer refunds for parties that are cancelled.  We will always work with our valued guests if unexpected events arise and rescheduling becomes necessary for the customer.

  • Do you offer group discounts for large groups?

    Group discounts are available for groups of 20 or more

    • Groups of 20-29 get 20% off the flight ticket cost
    • Groups of 30 or more get 30% off the flight ticket cost

    Please call if you have more questions or if you are interested in bringing a large group during non-business hours.

  • Do you offer military discounts?

    Yes, active and veteran military receive a 10% discount along with active law enforcement officers.  Please show your valid military or law enforcement ID when checking in to receive the discount.

  • Will we have to share the trampoline or party room with anyone else?

    One of the great benefits of Air U is that you have your own party room with a dedicated party Flight Attendant.  However, part of the fun is flying with all the other guests and playing in large dodgeball games!

  • What time should my guests and I arrive at the party?

    We ask that you and your guests arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled starting time to allow for check in and to fill out the waiver if you haven’t already done so. Please try not to arrive earlier than 20 minutes prior to the party time, as there will likely be another group in the room.

  • Do I need to stay at the party?

    The birthday parents are required to stay at the party. Other adults are also welcome to stay and enjoy the fun!

  • Are socks and shoes allowed?

    For guest safety and enjoyment, all guest are required to wear approved trampoline socks.  You may bring a pair if you already own them or new pairs can be purchased for $3/pair.

  • Will Air U provide supervision on the trampolines?

    Our fun and friendly Flight Safety Attendants will provide supervision in each of the trampoline areas.  Keeping all flights safe and enjoyable is their main purpose.

  • Can we start the party in the party room?

    Because we’ve found that full tummies and jumping don’t mix, our parties begin on the trampolines.

  • Are gratuities (tips) appropriate?

    Gratuities for our staff are always welcome.

  • If I signed a waiver once do I need to sign one again?

    Liability waivers are good for one year.

  • May I bring outside food into Air U?

    With the exception of party reservations, outside food and/or drinks are not allowed inside the Air U facility. There vending machines in the facility that offer a variety of food and drinks. Any other questions concerning food at Air U should be directed to the Air U front desk attendant.

    People who have booked a party at Air U are welcome to bring in cake, drinks (non-alcholic), pizza, etc.  These food items must be kept in the reserved party area.

  • How do I get the party invitations?

    The invitations are available for you to pick up at the front desk.  Someone will be on hand to help you most any time after 9am.

  • Are the parties limited to the number of jumpers specified?

    When you book a party, we will reserve the number of jumper wristbands that you specify which guarantees access for that many people.  If you have more people attend your party, we will allow you to purchase additional wristbands if the park is not full at that time.

  • Are trampoline socks required to jump?

    YES. All jumpers will be required to wear trampoline socks. 

    Trampoline socks are available for purchase at the front desk for $3 or you can bring your own pair. 

  • Can I make a reservation?

    You may reserve jump times or make a party reservation online.  Special offers, group discounts and special arrangements must be made by calling the front desk or dropping by.